Our story ?

MEL Events story started more than 25 years ago by the crush of this little girl, Elodie, for her baby sister, Mélanie, a day of June 1992.

We first learned how to live together, to understand each other and we finally built this such unique, unbreakable and fusional relationship that is ours.
At this time it has become completely obvious, we were more than sisters, we were soulmates.

To grow up in a such loving family environment, in which each moment spend together is so precious gave us the desire to create those moments for others.

Our vocation is here, to become the angels of your events.


How did we started ?

Close to their 30th wedding anniversary, our mother wanted something special and thus asked us to organize a surprise for our father at this occasion. My sister and I agreed on the slightest details of this day that we wanted as surprising as completed for both of them. At this moment, we understood that we were made to work together and MEL Events was born.

MEL Events’ universe ?

MEL Events’ universe is before anything the association of two very different personalities but so much complementary.
Elodie ; a ball of energy and gaiety. Mélanie ; a calm strengh full of boldness. MEL Events is also about two very particulars spectres of knowledge, one is awarded with a trade diploma while the other one got it in special event management. The whole constitutes the perfect mixture of complementarity skills which make of us THE duo you must trust for your events.

Our mission ?

Create subdued and sophisticated events, elegant and warm, surprising and moving … all this in a single objective, make for you and your guests unique moments which will remain for a long time engraved in your memories.

Our values


We put the communication with our clients on the top of the founding values of the company because it relies on a trusting relationship that we build together since day 1 till the D-day.
We listen, offer and make your project happen.


To us, elegance resides above all in the simplicity and the quality of the elements that we select, so the whole forms a perfect harmony.
An event is a lace, every detail makes it unique and contributes to its beauty.


It is reflected by our accuracy, our commitment to leave nothing at random because the excellence grants no wrong note.
That is what we impose to ourselves during the preparation of every event and it is also what we look for in each provider we select.


It is the epitome of all our projects, it is the reason why we wished to open our own agency ; create the magic for a brief moment so that it becomes an immortal memory, filled with tenderness, with smile and happiness.
An event exists only if the emotion can be expressed.

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